Plantmate Club


What is Plantmate 101?

Roadside Blooms offers Plantmate 101 For beginner plant parents.

A four month hands-on educational plant club in an intimate atmosphere.

Plantmate 101 is designed for those who say they lack a green thumb or for those who want to take the leap into the world of houseplants.

Each month participants will receive a new plant with each month presenting a new challenge.

The goal of this club is to help plant lovers feel confident and have the knowledge needed to grow the urban jungle they've always wanted.

We want this to not only be fun and educational, but also hope this forms a beautiful, plant-loving community in Park Circle.

Why this Club?

What plant can't I kill? What does well in low light? I don't know what is wrong with my plant. Is this toxic to my pets? How do you know when to repot? These are just a few questions we get asked on a daily basis.

Every meeting we will demonstrate the correct way to pot the specific plant chosen for that month. The soil, water and light needs; and any unique quirks such as pest, growing habits and more.

For the more advanced class, we will tackle more complex plants and experiment with fun techniques.

Participants will leave the meetings equipped for success! We have created a space where we can learn as a group and dive deeper into often asked plant questions.



We want to make Plantmate an accessible club all the while providing the best tools and unique selection of plants.

We think the one time cost of $220 does just that. This class is valued at $350 respectively.

When do we start?

Plantmate 101 will begin in March 2023!

Limited to 10 participants.


The Club in a Nutshell

  • 4 Months of Hands-on Education
  • New Plant Each Month
  • Learn Plant Care
  • Optimal Growing Conditions
  • Take Home Reading Materials + Lifetime access to online materials
  • Repotting Techniques
  • Pests
  • Swag Bag
  • Fun Plant Community
  • Build Confidence in Plant Parenthood
  • Offered Twice a Year


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